Peters and Associates, Architects, P.C.

First Nebraska Bank Feasibility Assessment

Valley, Nebraska. Peters and Associates, Architects, P.C. completed a “Feasibility Assessment of Existing Bank Facility“ for the First Nebraska Bank in December of 2007. This assessment was done to enable our client to determine the suitability of the existing structure for a renovation and addition project to accommodate their needs. Through this study, we identified features of the existing structure and the deficiencies/limitations presented by existing conditions. We prepared floor plans of the existing structure to assist in our analysis. Our personnel also identified additional lot areas owned by the Bank which were available for construction of additions to the existing building.

We prepared a Building Space Program for the Bank Facility, and compared the required spaces to design possibilities with the existing structure. As a result this study, it was determined that the existing structure would not support the required spaces and functions that the First Nebraska Bank required for their expansion. A new bank facility was designed and constructed at the existing Drive-Through location.