Peters and Associates, Architects, P.C.

Santee Tribal Health Center

Santee, Nebraska. The project consisted of the renovation of an existing one-story clinic (approximately 7,000 square feet) and a new one-story clinic with basement (approximately 64,000 square feet). The new building is to be linked to the existing building and will house a new clinic area, administration offices, a wellness center, physical therapy, a therapy pool with large adjacent whirlpool, employee training/shelter area, and a large maintenance and receiving area. EMS quarters and ambulance bay were also provided. All areas were designed with accessibility in mind for clients and employees with disabilities.


The wellness area of the project will operate as a community service in addition to exercise area for clinical patients. The wellness suite includes a reception/waiting area, office and storage areas, exercise gymnasium with exercise machines (treadmills, exercise bikes, etc.), running track, cardiac rehab center, and related locker rooms. The wellness area is approximately 5,700 square feet of completely accessible space for continued wellness prevention.


This area features a therapeutic pool and exercise area (25’ x 25’) with underwater treadmills, two current swimming lanes, a large separate whirlpool with provisions for deep tissue massage, and pool equipment and storage rooms. The therapeutic pool suite includes separate locker rooms and comprises 4,500 square feet. Accessibility was a major design parameter throughout the pool deck and locker rooms.


At approximately 2,300 square feet, the therapy suite will accommodate physical and occupational therapy services. The physical therapy area includes a therapeutic gymnasium to accommodate therapy equipment/exercise machines, a hydrotherapy room with whirlpool tub, occupational therapy kitchen, occupational therapy bath, and multiple charting and storage areas. Expecting use by clients that have some sort of physical disability, the entire suite was designed to accommodate those type of client areas.