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South Locust Street Corridor Plan

Grand Island, Nebraska. During their master’s degree coursework, Jesse McConnell and Stacey Groshong Hageman performed planning services for the City of Grand Island. This project was developed in collaboration with the Hall County Planning Commission and Chad Nabity, Hall County Planning Director. This project provided the City of Grand Island with a detailed plan and vision for a gateway entrance into the City from Interstate 80 along Locust Street and defined a sense of place and a sustainable community. Jesse and Stacey were team leaders for this project. The concept that emerged visualized South Locust Street as the entry portal and the ceremonial gateway into the City of Grand Island. South Locust Street was established as the “central spine” for streamlined non industrial vehicular traffic and pedestrian movement.

During the formulation of the vision and concept, the team conducted research and exploration into the demographic and socioeconomic profile of the community, the characteristics and physical attributes of the natural environment, the economic potential of location and land use that could stimulate or inhibit land development, and the traffic flow pattern along the major thoroughfares that transverse through the area.

The Final concept and vision was presented to the City as a 14 phase implementation plan over the course of 30 years. Each phase was mapped out and described in detail to the citizens and stakeholders in Grand Island so that they may understand which elements should be in place before the next phase can occur. The final product produced for the City of Grand Island included a live presentation and a Cable-ready video presentation that could be shown on Grand Island’s local cable channels. Also included in the study were Design Guidelines for the new development area.

To view the 45 minute video presentation visit the following website: