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Speaking Engagements

Below is a series of Speaking Engagements that Jesse McConnell and Stacey Groshong Hageman were involved in producing and presenting. They were part of a Team of “Changineers” that included a professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Brito Mutunayagam. Even though the presentations were only a few months apart each of the presentations were adapted to meet the demands of new emerging technologies.

2008 APA / NPZA Conference. Grand Island, Nebraska. February 2008.

“Changineers: Pioneers of Change in the Planning Profession”

(AICP CE Accredited Education Session)

This lecture focused on the process of creating the Grand Island South Locust Street Corridor Plan and a submission for the Urban Land Institute Competition. The team showed practitioners how to use SketchUp with integration to/from ArcGIS. Also, new networking technologies like Facebook, Google Docs, blogs and teleconferencing. In addition, this lecture showed professionals how to create interactive and stimulating presentations to communities while keeping the publics’ interest throughout the planning process.

Western Planner Conference. Cheyenne, Wyoming. August 2008.

“Changineering: Planning for the New Millennium”

In this lecture the team looked at the past and present methods of the planning process. Demonstrating to professionals what they can do to enhance the process with new technologies.

Iowa APA Conference. Sioux City, Iowa. October 2008.

“Changineering: Planning for the New Millennium”

The topic of the presentation involved using digital technology to enhance planning projects and public participation. This presentation was by far the most technical in delivery method. Due to scheduling conflicts, Jesse McConnell was not able to physically attend the conference in Sioux City. During the live presentation, Jesse was using teleconferencing technology to listen, see, and control the presentation from his desk in Lincoln, NE. This may sound like any other teleconferencing session, but the presentation was formatted for two speakers that simultaneously broadcasted two separate screens for the presentation. The team did not want to lose the personal interaction with the audience so they placed a monitor in front of the room and streamed live video of Jesse to the audience. Jesse was also able to view live video of both the audience and the presentation. This presentation was a great success. It showed professional planners that anyone can utlize these technologies, even with limited funds.