Peters and Associates, Architects, P.C.

Valhaven Care Cener Rehab Addition

Valley, Nebraska. This project is a 20 bed Rehab addition to an existing 65 bed Skilled Care facility. The patient rooms are designed to be private rooms, and featured a shower in each patient room toilet. All patient rooms and support spaces are designed to be fully ADA accessible. The Rehab wing features an entrance with drive-through canopy, separate from the facility main entrance. This feature allows a comfortable separation between the existing long term care facility and the Rehab wing, which typically accommodates a short term stay.

The addition provides a new Therapy suite, centrally located between the Skilled Care portion of the project and the new Rehab wing. The therapy area will be used by residents from both the Skilled Care and the Rehab portion of the completed facility. The project also includes major renovation to the existing Skilled Care facility, and an addition to enlarge the existing dining and recreational spaces. Other features included a new walk-in cooler / freezer and kitchen storage areas, modifications to existing office and support spaces, and a new laundry suite.